About Us

Our Sushi is made to the highest standard by expert sushi chef Hur San. From our wide variety of specials, vegetarian options, and non-sushi entrees there really is something for everyone. If you feel like something different, try one of the many specials named after our regular customers.

just steps away from the epicenter of Southport activity, Sushi Mura is a prime starting point for you and your friends for a night on Southport.

Our atmosphere is one of warm welcoming. You will find us an excellent spot for that first date or long overdue night out with friends.

Unlike many sushi restaurants, a fantastic overall experience is our goal. Try us and see if Sushi Mura doesn’t become your best-kept secret as well. And then of course… there’s always the Sake Bomb

Chef Hur San began his sushi career in Japan 15 years ago. Having mastered the art, and taken the helm of his own Sushi restaurant, Sushi Mura, chef Hur San has set his sights on a greater goal. Many sushi chefs are master of the roll, the cut, the selection, and the presentation. Hur San extends his art into the treatment of his customers.

Personal greetings to every visitor, toasts of sake throughout the night, lively discussions with his patrons, and personalized wooden sake cups for regulars are just some of the things you'll see any night of the week at Sushi Mura. If that is not enough to impress, then there's always Sushi Mura's signature Sake Bomb. Come be part of the extraordinary sushi experience at Sushi Mura, prepared by our chef Hur San.

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