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mlshappy 01/13/2006
I'm Japanese, I've eaten Sushi all my life and I know "Sushi". Amoung many of "kind of Sushi places" in the city, I always go to this place, if I really wanna eat "Sushi". If you wanna have hip & trendy things, this is not the place but you can get good authentic "Sushi" there. People at the restaurant is very friendly and fun and I always enjoy chatting w. them. If I have a visitor (even from Japan), this is a place to take to.

allycarmean 11/11/2005
This little sushi place in Wrigleyville is some of the best sushi around! Not only is the food great, but the people are so friendly & welcoming. The owners are always there, and it truly is a home away from home! Definitely try a sake bomb with the chefs, as well. You won't be disappointed!

HB 10/07/2006
Great place. My husband and I have been to many Sushi restaurants around the country, Sushi Mura is the place we always go back to. Great food, great service, and most of all, it's really fun!

sushi obsessed 08/24/2006
Definitely try the Fuji or vesuvius or whatever it is...it's delicious. Double decker spicy tuna is amazing as well. It's all great. Been going here for a long time. Love it. They always treat us very well when we come with a large group or just 2 people. Super accomodating for people with food allergies.

CM 08/19/2006
My friends and I love Sushi Mura. The sushi is excellent and whenever we have a great occasion to celebrate there's only one place we think to go. We love the Cubs Maki and the Dynamite Maki. The owners are so friendly and take your picture and put it up on the wall every time you visit. And if you've never done a saki bomb the sushi chefs are more than happy to teach you.

julie 06/30/2006
I have eaten at many Sushi restaurants around the country and I still hold this small neighborhood place as my favorite. The owners are warm and inviting and the food is delicious. My boyfriend and I make it a standing Friday night date.

Virginia 04/06/2006
Absolutely one of my favorite sushi places! Intimate setting with about 10 tables. Never too crowded so service is always good. Simple sushi, but great special combos! Can't go wrong with price either!

Robert F. 09/27/2006
This place is one of the best kept secrets in Chicago. If "Cheers" did sushi, it would be Sushi Mura. One look at the pictures posted by the sushi bar and you'll know that Sushi Mura is a special place. The proprieter even has special wooden sake cups made for his regulars. Go there once and you'll realize why there's so many boxes on the shelves. People love coming back. How's the sushi? Fantastic. Most of the places I've tried in town care more about making their sushi match their fabulously overpriced martinis. At Sushi Mura its all about taste, and I garauntee you'll never find a better Spicy Tuna Dragon Roll on this side of the Ocean. The menu is vast too... there's really something for everyone. This place is perfect for a date, a pre-show for a night out on Southport, or just a chill spot for you and your friends. Ask about the Sake Bomb. ;)

Ang R. 03/14/2006
hate seaweed. I mean, I have an aversion to it, an involuntary gag reflex that kicks in when I eat it. Hence, I rarely get to eat sushi. Sushi Mura has a few rolls that don't have any seaweed--Danny's Super Awesome Roll was the one I tried--and that makes me inordinately happy. The other food was very good, though the miso soup was sadly lacking in pieces of tofu. I also ate tempura and edamame, and both were equally as delicious as any other Japanese I have eaten.
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